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Air Conditioning Radiator Recycling

Air conditioner radiators are almost exclusively made of copper pipe and aluminum fin. To recycle scrap AC radiator, copper and aluminum are to be separated to get a higher price. Our radiator recycling machine is designed to separate complete copper pipe from aluminum fin. Our radiator recycling plant can crush whole radiators to recycle metal pieces separately.


Knowing About Radiator Recycling Machine
Radiator recycling machine is specially used for separating copper pipes from aluminum fins of scrap air conditioning radiator. The machine can accomodate three center distance: 19mm, 21mm, 25mm. Copper pipe will keep complete after processing.

Features of Radiator Separating Machine

1. Compact structure, taking up small area.
2. No damage to copper pipe, no copper loss.
3. Safe and easy operation, high efficiency.
4. Center distance can be tailor-made to fit your conditions.
5. Voltage can be tailor-made to fit your conditions.

Copper_Aluminum_RadiatorsMaterial Preparation
1. For dirty fins, please cut off the steel contamination to avoid damaging the blades.
2. Please split radiators of more than 2 rows into one row or two rows using a band saw.
3. Cut the clean radiator into 30-40cm wide to fit the inlet with a band saw.


1. Make each pair of adjusting wheels parallel to avoid the deviation of radiator.
2. Feed radiators into the right inlet according to center distance.
3.The left(right)side of radiators must touch the left(right)side of material inlet.
4. Inject oil into the two oil holes to lubricate gears every 4 working hours.

Technical Data of Air Conditioner Radiator Separator

Model Output Voltage Power Dimension Weight
QJ-16 2-3 ton/day 380V 4kw+3kw 1800*800*1200mm 550kg

Radiator Recycling Plant
Radiator recycling plant is used to crush scrap AC radiator to recycle copper, aluminum and steel pieces separately. This line is a good alternative for processing twisted radiators.

Radiator Recycling Machine Picture


Advantages of Radiator Recycling Plant
1. Automatic control, high efficiency.
2. Reliable operation, durable in use.
3. Separating rate can reach 99.8%.
4. Dust collector equipped, no dust pollution.
5. Low noise not more than 85db
6. Voltage customizable as per specific conditions.

Machines of Radiator Recycling Plant

Equipment Function
Belt conveyor Convey the scrap radiators to the first crusher.
First Crusher
(Double-shaft Crusher)
Cut radiators into 10-20mm length.
(Blade Service Life: 60 working days, with an additional set of blades)
Belt Conveyor Convey the first crushed materials to the second crusher.
Second Crusher Shred the material to smaller pieces.
(Blade Service Life: 30 working days)
Magnetic Separator Separate iron from the crushed mixture.
Vibrating Separator Separate copper and aluminum by air and vibration.

Technical Data of Radiator Crushing Plant

Model Output Voltage Power Dimension Weight
QJ-500 600-800kg/h 380V 100kw 1640*2000*4000mm 14ton

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