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Copper is a kind of completely recyclable material. Recycling rate of copper is higher than any other engineering metal, besides copper would not degrade during processing. Value of scrap copper is about 85 to 95 percent of that of newly mined ore. In U.S., the amount of copper recycled is almost the same as is mined per year, approximately 75% of used copper except wire production that requires newly refined copper comes from recycling.


Why Should People Recycle Copper?
Copper is 100% recyclable and its quality would not degrade after processing. Recycling copper has many benefits as follows:
1.Reduce landfill costs. If copper or copper alloy objects are not recycled, they will be dumped in grounds and waste landfill by taking up spaces.
2.Protect environment. The more copper recycled, the smaller the need for mining and refining copper. Mining process requires the usage of time, fossil fuels and energy, while refining process release toxic gases such as sulphur dioxide and dust into air.
3.Save energy. Copper recycling could save 85% of energy required to produce copper. Copper ore is a finite resource, so recycling could also conserve copper ore.
What Happens After Recycling?
Scrap copper has to be inspected and graded after recycling. Scrap copper is melted or brought into higher purity during melting. Copper grade will be checked by chemical analyzing. As for further processing, molten copper is cast into shapes. To scrap copper alloy, it has to be segregated, kept clean and identified its alloying element and impurity content, then be melted.


What Should People Do To Recycle Copper?
1.Reduce amount of scrap copper: copper are wearable and can be used for long time. Even though they have been replaced by new models, they can still functioning.
2. re-utilization, such as household electrical items, computers, mobile phones, cars and electrical wire.
3.Recycle: goods which contain copper that can no longer be used could be recycled, and then process into useful materials with wire stripping machine or copper cable granulator. These goods include waste washing machine, electrical cables, old taps, radiator, etc.

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