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Computers have been playing an important role in our daily life. Meanwhile, it also comprises a significant part of the total rubbish in the world. It has been estimated that totally 423 thousand tons of computers have been disposed of in the year of 2010. Technology changes quickly. Computers become obsolete in a few years with the constant emergence of new versions of hardware and software, and tons and tons of computer are turned into rubbish. Many of the electrical components that are thrown away are still highly useable.
The History of Computer Recycling

Computer recycling is salvaging all usable metal parts of an computer that is obsolete, broken or irrepairable. By recycling computers, we can reduce the need to mine, process or manufacture new metal. Computer recycling is never a novelty thing. Since the 1930s, when the first programmable computer is invented, computer recycling has been around. From the 1970s, consumer electronics including computers, cameras and the like started becoming popular, so that in the 80s recycling of mass produced computers became popular.


Which Parts of Computer are Recycable?
Every piece that you remove from the computer is salvageable and can be recycled. Take computer tower for example.
1. Depending on the type of computer, the tower case may be plastic, steel or occasionally aluminum.
2. The motherboards are the main circuit board that hold the CPU, the RAM and the PCIS. They are worth money because of their gold content. The CPU is the part that is most gold concentrated. It is usually always under the heat sink, which is usually made of high grade copper or high grade aluminum sometimes brass. RAM is the data for the CPU, it has gold plated connectors. The PCI boards are gold fingered cards. The gold fingers can be cut and sold separately and the rest can be thrown in with the motherboards.
3. The hard drive has a stainless steel top and a small high grade board. Each disk drive has a high grade board. The high grade boards can be taken out and thrown in with the motherboards and PCI boards.
4. The power supply is a box-like unit that has a lot wires coming out of it. You can take it apart and scrap the power supply for copper or just scrap as a whole unit.
Equipment for Recycling Computer Wire
A small bundle of computer wires can be stripped by wire strippers. But how about large scale of computer wires? Wire stripper is not efficient then. Copper wire granulator can separate the insulation cover from the copper core of computer wire and finally get the pure copper granule. It is an ideal machine for the recycling of wires with the diameter less than 20mm.

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