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Because the price of the raw materials is continuously increasing and European’s rules for processing e-waste is more and more strict, France is strengthening its recycle of copper scrap.

Every year, France generates e-waste is about 1.7million tons. It equals to that every French throws away about 24 kg e-waste. Of them, 14 kg e-waste is home appliance. What’s more, the increasing rate of e-waste is 3%-5%.

Among these e-wastes, the need for the recycled copper is the strongest. According to the environmental representative of French IBM, the potential of making use of copper scrap is very big because most high-tech products contain massive copper. Take mobile phone and computer for example. The copper content of them is up to 18%. Other scraps like cables, transformer and computer fan, all have copper.

recycling garbage

So far, the way to recycle e-waste relies on the citizens. They put big item beside the rubbish dump while put small ones into garbage sorting box. Sometimes, they are also mixed with household garbage and taken to processed by garbage disposal station or refuse incineration station.

There are also some big plant to recycle small electrical appliances. One of the largest purchasers volumes is the French Paprec Group. Originally, Paprec specialized in the recycling of waste paper, but now covers all services in the area of waste management.

Paprec has also begun to process electronic scrap. For these disused equipment, they choose a newly developed Smash Boom Bang to process. With this plant, this company are able to remove the environmentally hazardous components from the mass throughput without damage.

Of course, not all the recycling enterprises has the ability or necessity to buy such big plant. For cable recycling, copper cable granulator or wire stripping machine is enough. Many French customers choose to import copper cable granulator from Chinese Manufacturer like Allance. The processing effect is also very good, which the purity can reach 99.95%.





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