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Electrodeposited copper foil is the basic raw material in electric industry. It has been mostly applied to PCBs (printed circuited board). With the development of PCB technology, electrodeposited copper foil is becoming thinner and thinner, while thinner electrodeposited copper foil requires higher quality of copper materials.
The manufacturing process of crude foil is the key step of copper foil production, most of the quality performance of copper foil is decided by this process. The raw materials, cathode copper or scrap copper wire and copper granules that have equivalent purity, are dissolved in sulfuric acid dissolution, forming aqueous solution of copper sulfate. With metal roller as cathode, copper is continuously deposited on the surface of cathode roller by electrolytic reaction. After peeling, washing, drying, and winding in roll, crude foil is formed.


The quality of electrolyte has direct influence on the quality of copper foil product, while most of the purity presented in the electrolytic process is from the raw materials. Long time adding copper materials with low purity will make more metal impurities in the solution deposited, especially Fe, when exceeding certain amount, pinholes and penetration point will be formed. So the quality of copper materials must be strictly controlled. Its appearance should be clean and no oil, no organic matter, no dirt and no other metal attachment. The lower of impurity content, the higher the copper purity, the better is. No copper wire or granules with varnished wire be used as the materials.
Copper wire granulators can process various auto electric wire, communication cable, and other wire with copper core, separating the insulation cover from copper core by mechanical power, and get the pure copper granules. The quality of copper is improved with high recycling rate, whereas the plastic granules can also be reused. By using the copper cable granulator, environment pollution caused by burning wire for copper is avoided. And with dust collector installed, there is no dust generated.
Then how does our wire granulator help improve the purity of copper granules? The secret lies in the PLC control system and double crushing process. PLC means programmable logic controller. It connects complex control system with host computer to realize integrated automation of the whole producing process, meanwhile ensures the safety of operation. After the first crushing process, the mixed material will be delivered to vibrating device and then copper granules and plastic granules are discharged from two different outlets. There may still be some copper clad, but don’t worry, double crushing process will efficiently solve this problem for you, which ensures high purity of copper granules.
With copper wire recycling as common trends, there is broad market prospect in making copper granules. To meet your specific requirements in copper recycling machinery, you can rely on us to have the right machines and solutions right from concept to commissioning. We are ready to meet your different expectations!

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