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cell_phone_chargerEvery year tens of thousands of cell phone chargers wind up in landfills. With the upgrade of your cellphone, it is very likely that you will have a drawer of old chargers and cords waiting to be dealt with. Old or broken cell phone chargers are comprised of various recyclable components that can be melted down and remade into various new products. Rather than tossing those chargers in the trash, it is easy to have them recycled or reused to benefit the environment.
Ways to Recycle Cell Phone Chargers
1. There are many recycling centers that accept chargers. You can search online and learn the policy of a recycling center.
2. Some retailers and service providers accept old chargers for their recycling programs. It may be available to mail the chargers to them.
3. Some old chargers may still work. Contact local school or non-profit charities to see if they are accepting donations for cell phone chargers.


4. Start with family and friends and see who need your charger that are still functional. Sell it to another consumer looking for a better deal that buying a new one.
Machines for Recycling of Charging Wire
Charger cords contain insulation with copper conductor inside, both of which can be recycled. There are usually two kinds of recycling machines for scrap wires and cables: copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine. To use the copper cable granulator, you just toss the wire into the machine and will get copper granules and insulation granules separately. Wire stripping machine is to strip the insulation from the conductor. Besides the difference in the function, there is another factor that will help you decide which machine to use, that is the thickness of the wire. Copper cable granulator is more suitable for wires and cables with diameter less than 20mm, while wire stripping machine has higher efficiency for diameter more than 20mm. So you know now which is better to choose for recycling the charger cords: copper cable granulator.

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