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Winter has come and many things are becoming difficult to do including recycling. Many councils are starting to reduce their weekly bin collections in the winter. This means that lots of recycling may not get collected in time, and may simply find its way into landfill. However, we always can find some ways to solve.

Metal Scrap

snow blower

In winter, there are some tools like snow blower and snow shovels which you may want to replace. How to deal with the old ones? If the snow blower is just a little old, you can consider donating it. Your county or state website may have some donation resources where you could check into donating it. If your snow blower doesn’t work at all, consider contacting a scrap yard that will take metal off your hands. You can also do the same for metal shovels, old ice skate blades,etc.

For copper/aluminum wire scrap, it is also more difficult for you to strip manually.There are two better choices. One is wire stripping machine, the other is copper cable granulator. There are different models of wire stripping machine aiming at different customer group. As a whole, copper cable granulator are suitable for scrap yard or recycling center for it has higher productivity.

Paper Waste

paper-packaged flower

Because of the cold weather, we have more time to stay at home and we need to find some fun for us. If you like to teach your kinds writing or drawing, the newspaper is a good choice. And with the Christmas coming, we also can use old paper as a novel and funny way to wrap presents. Let me tell you how to do. Top it off with ribbon, twine or even some baubles that may have been left over from your tree and you’ve got one impressively wrapped gift. Plus all the leftover boxes and wrapping paper, from the big day can be used for storage or just put away for next years decorations!

Glass Waste
Winter is the time of year when candles are lit to really encapsulate a warm, calming feeling in the home. Why not take your unwanted empty glass bottles and transform them into beautiful candleholders? Use different sized bottles to give your advent wreath candles a transformative look, or simply place them alongside mantelpieces or as table centrepieces. If you wish to get really creative, get out some paint, ribbon or bits of holly to complete the look.

Christmas tree

Christmas Waste
Christmas trees will be collected free of charge as garden waste; please put these out at the kerbside on your recycling collection day. Check with the local council when your collection day will be. Please ensure all decorations and lights are removed and the tree is not in a plastic bag. If your lights are done forever, remember these can be recycled in many areas. In some area, for instance, you just need to take them to the local electronics drop sites. Otherwise, many local scrap metal companies may take them.

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