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How to Remove Tarnish from Copper Product


Copper objects are usually coated with varnish, which can protect them from oxidation and getting corrosion. While like copper wares, varnish on it can be easily scratched, which may contribute to the development of tarnish. So it's also necessary to remove varnish coating from copper cookware before using it to prevent heat from damaging the copper finish. How to do it?
Fill a big cooking pot with enough water. The amount is subject to total immersion of the copper ware or depend on how big it is. Next pour some washing soda into the water. Then soak the copper ware in the boiling solution for 20 minutes. After that take the copper ware out of the washing soda solution with rubber tongs and wipe the softened varnish off the copper with nice dry cotton wool to remove as much varnish residue as possible. Later check the copper ware to see if there is still stubborn one left. If yes, scrub it off using cotton wool dipped by acetone. Remember to wear a pair of gloves when you do this. Then replace the cotton wool timely when it accumulates varnish. Finally, flush the copper ware with clean water to wash out the acetone and dry it with a soft towel.

copper wire

In addition to that, although vanish is usually seen as a kind of insulation for copper wire, oxidation may occur inside the coating and cause tarnishing. If one want to prevent this from happening, the best way is to remove varnish from the wire. The process of removing varnish from copper wire is similar to the copper object varnish removing above. Place the wires on a cookie sheet or other work surface. But do remember not to place them on a painted or stained surface, as we will also use acetone, which will attack them as well. Next cover the wires completely with acetone to soften the varnish. Then Rub the wires individually with the cloth until the varnish is completely removed. Lastly, dry the wires completely prior to re-use.
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