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Popular Small Scale Copper Wire Cleaning Methods
Scrap copper wire usually are covered with grit or grime. Directly selling them to recycling center may cause some loss of cash. Then if you know some processing tricks, you may have quite different results. Here we collect some popular copper wire cleaning methods for you.


One method is to brighten copper wire with lemon. Details are as following.
At first, wash the copper wire thoroughly with some soap water to remove traces of oil or grease. Then rinse the copper wire thoroughly with clean water to remove the soap residue.
Next blot moisture on the surface of the copper wire with a piece of dry towel.
Later bring a lemon and cut it into wedges.
Lay down the copper wire you are going to clean. Squeeze the lemon juice throughly over the surface of the copper wire. Then rub the copper wire up and down with the flesh side of lemon untill the copper wire becomes bright. (To ensure the shiny and clean of copper wire, you can cut a second lemon and repeat the above steps if necessary.)

The other method is to use pieces of sandpaper and some vinegar. Below are the detailed operating steps.
1.Spread a piece of sandpaper with grit-side up. Then place the copper wire onto it. After that Rub the wire vigorously. This will help remove most of the oxidation or grit and grime from the copper wire. For some thick wire, you can cover a second piece with grit-side down(and copper wire between the the pieces of sandpaper). You can also rub the copper wire a second to ensure the cleaning of the surface. Next place the copper wire aside until you have scrubbed all your copper wire scraps.
2. Prepare the washing solution by mixing about a half-cup of vinegar and a teaspoon of salt. Then put the copper scraps into the solution. The acid in the vinegar will remove any oxidation or other grime that your sandpaper missed. Leave the copper wire in the vinegar solution for as long as is needed to remove any remaining tarnish.
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