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Is Copper Important to Human Body?
Copper is commonly known to us as a kind of necessary industrial wire making material. Have you also learned that copper is also necessary to our human consumption

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Reasons for Copper Consumption
Copper is necessary to human for various reasons including the formation of the pigment melanin in the skin, the help in transport of electrons, the strength maintenance of the myelin sheath covering the nerves. Copper helps in the synthesis of phospholipids. It is necessary for the formation of hemoglobin in the blood along with iron. It is a constituent of enzymes involved in the oxidation of fatty acids. It is necessary for healthy hair.
Materials Contain Copper
Although copper is so important to human, the body itself can’t synthesize it; human can only absorb them through daily diet. Do you know which materials that we eat contain copper?
Copper is typically present in mineral rich foods like vegetables (potato), leguDmes (beans and peas), nuts (peanuts and pecans), grains (wheat and rye), fruits (peach and raisin) and chocolate. Besides, most of the world's surface water and ground water serving for drinking purposes contains copper. But the actual amount varies from region to region, depending on how much it is present in the earth. Generally, naturally occurring copper in drinking water is safe for human consumption, even in rare instances where it is at high levels to impart a metallic taste to the water. In addition to all that, copper tubing that carries residential tap water properly regulated for its chemical composition can also be a source of copper in drinking water under very specific conditions. Cooks made of copper are also other sources of copper.

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Mistakes in Copper Consumption
While it doesn’t mean the more copper we consume, the better. Like all substances, excessive ingested copper can make people ill. Common symptoms are stomach upset, nausea and diarrhea , which will stop when the high copper source is removed. These effects are noted at copper levels far in excess of the World Health Organization limits for copper in drinking water. Besides, copper can be more toxic, adversely affecting various bodily functions and organs. But these are in extremely rare cases, particularly among those people with rare genetic conditions. Some research also shows other phenomenon about what happens to copper in the body. That is, small amounts of copper in drinking water are not a human health hazard. A conclusion by an expert panel of the WHO shows that copper deficiency is much more of a global problem than copper toxicity.
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