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The Price Influencing Factors of Copper Scrap
With the ever-increasing conscious of environment protection, resource saving is becoming a hot topic these days. Recycling of metal is also the same. So copper recycling, one of the most popular used and especially valuable metal, is becoming more and more necessary and important. For copper scrap collectors, knowing the factors influencing copper scrap is necessary.

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☞Type of copper scrap. Because there are many different kind of copper, value of them may be different. So is the copper scrap. For example, scrap copper No.1 consists of uncoated, clean, unalloyed copper and can include punchings, clippings, bus bars, pipe, wire over 1/16’ thick with no burnt or brittle wire and commutator segments. So it brings the highest price for recycled copper.

☞Location. We know that request and demand is a very important factors in market economy. So where there is most competition, the price of scrap copper will be the highest. So, rural areas, areas far away from refineries, areas too far inland, etc will rarely have better pricing than those places where scrap yards can both fight for customers and haggle with refineries

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☞Lately copper price. This requires you to pay more attention to the economic situation, politics, mine strikes, weather, speculation. We all know that China’s construction boom has shown an instable need for copper and other base metal. So it is a especially factor you need to follow. Also the ever-happened strikes by workers at the Codelco mines in Chile, the largest underground copper mines in the world, have reduced output from a major source of copper. Besides, Chile's copper mines depend heavily on hydroelectric power, and unless rains come soon, there may be power shortages as South America heads into winter.

Wish this will be a little help to you and hope you all have a business bloom in the future. Whirlston will always be with you and provide you with the best copper recycling machines. Welcome your coming.

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