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Copper Wire Thefts and the Huge Losses
Copper wire contains huge economic benefit. Because of this many people would rather steal them regardless of the law or even on the sacrifice of their lives and enormous losses have been caused.
On April 10th, 2012, Sacramento’s city council okayed the transfer of $2 million to help make repairs after rampant copper wire thefts left 150 neighborhoods dark. Neighborhoods were on a waiting list for up to 12 months to get street lighting restored.
On November 14th, 2012 at a Kings County school, about 15 hundred feet of copper wire had been removed from the portable classrooms and another 500 feet of ground wire, leaving power outages in many classrooms and 250 children being forced to study in other rooms. This school has been targeted twice in the last few years by copper wire thieves.

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On Monday of December 31st, 2012 in Southeast Fresno, a 41-year-old father and his 17-year-old son were arrested in the process of ripping copper wire from the ground by a bicycle. After that the police spent part of the day to repair the light poles.
Thefts of electric copper wiring have escalated in recent months at El Paso area shopping centers and other commercial buildings -- costing property owners thousands of dollars to fix, and costing stores and restaurants in hit centers lost sales when power is lost. "These are skilled people. They know what they are doing because it's dangerous around this (electric) cable. They are cutting cable while it is live," said Clay Doyle, vice president of transmission, distribution and system operations for El Paso Electric.
In the Fresno Caltrans District, copper wire thieves are striking three to five times a week -- affecting freeway signs, landscaping, traffic lights, and your general safety on the road which resulted in the darkness on the freeway. "This pulls personnel and materials away from our primary responsibilities of potholes, fixing guard railing, fixing landscaping and fencing," said Camarena who took action news to the latest theft. He also says it's been costly; the department has vested more than 200 personnel hours to repair the problems and replace the wires at one location.
Above are just few of the cases of the copper thefts, while a lot of damages have been caused from these. Every time after the thefts, a lot of measures will be used in curtailing this. But why these deeds happen again and again? Besides the huge tempting economic interests behind them, aren’t there other ideological problems, economic or system problems? I think it’s also time for everyone to rethink about it.
Though we are only a manufacturer of copper wire recycling machines, Allance has never forgotten the social responsibility it should burden. Allance will always be with you to do all it can to return society.

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