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Some Common Used Copper Wire Insulation
Copper wire is usually covered with various insulation which is known as an electrical insulator, or a noncunductor. Some knowledge of what these insulation are made from will be helpful in your scrap copper recycling process. For sometimes material types decides what kind of recycling machines you should use and purchase. Here Allance will share details about this with you.

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Electricity can jump from wires to nearby people, metal or other conductors. To prevent this,Materials that work as nonconductors lack of movable electric charges must be used to guard against short circuits, shocks and fires. The following are some common used materials used as insulators.
Polyvinyl chloride, which is the ubiquitous PVC of construction sites throughout the world, is the most common type of electrical insulation. It is used because it can tolerate both moderately low and moderately high temperatures and is doesn't cost very much.
Rubber is another kind of popular insulator widely used in cable or wire. It is featured as nice hot and cold resistance. Among them CR, CSP, CPE has especially wonderful advantages like oil, solvent and weather resistance and excellent flame retardance. So they have been the ideal choice of cable or wire sheathing materials as well as low voltage wire insulator.
Enamel is another kind of insulator. It has very good nonconductive property, adhesion and lower shrinkage. Besides, it also has very good hot resistance which can meet the varied needs of cable or wire. In addition to that, it has lower or non toxic and dries quickly.
Allance Scrap Copper Recycling Machine is an eminent manufacturer of copper wire striping machines and cable granulators. Both of them can be used for processing PVC and rubber insulated copper wire with different ways. And Cable granulator 800 is especially suitable for recycling enameled copper wire. More details you can check our products line.
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