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Better Ways to Scrap Copper Wire
For insulated scrap copper holders, if they want to get higher price, processing of copper is necessary. Believe you also have your own processing methods, while I think the more methods you know, the better. Right?

Small scale household copper wire stripping
For everyday small scale scrap copper wire holders, if you can make a simple treatment to these materials, you can have rather higher payment. Then how to do it?
Maybe the most common way is to use a hammer. What you should do is just put it against a very hard surface and use your hammer to hit the whole wire till splits appear on the outer coating. Then you can strip it off easily. This method may consume you quite a long time, while it is the most easy and economical way, especially if you don’t want to spend more money on it.

The other way to do this is to use a utility knife. This is a quite useful method in stripping very long wire. Holding the wire tightly with one of your hand, cut down the the outer coating smoothly with the other hand by running down the knife slowly along the surface of the wire. What’s worth our attention is that this method contains unsafeness and may hurt your hands. It’s better to wear a pair of safety gloves during your working.
 Another way is to use a wire cutter. With wire in one hand and cutter in the other, close the cutting head onto the wire and slowly cut into the outer coating. Then slide the cutter toward the end of the wire, you can strip it off intactly. Wire cutter is a professional tool for this work, it is easier to operate and time consuming. You can store your scrap copper wire together and estimate their total value and decide whether to do so. While a convenient tool in hand will be quite helpful, anyway.

wire stripping tool




Large scale copper wire stripping
The methods above are quite useful for our daily life, but for one who always has large quantity of scrap wire, these methods are not convenient. You can directly sell them to a recycling center, for they have more powerful tools, wire strippers, to do this.
A wire stripper may have many wire inlets suitable for stripping off the outer coating of different types wire, such as the round, flat and square wire. Different machines offer varied working speed to satisfy your multi processing requirements. Besides, those special purpose copper wire can also be stripped by such machines. Allance wire stripping machine can be used for high-voltage cable, sheet cable wire and RF Feeder Coaxial Cable etc..


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