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Recycle Scrap Copper Wire by Burning? No Way!
Generally, scrap copper wire is coated with various insulations like PVC, rubber, or other. To recyclers, removing them off may add you extra cash. For this, many of them may try various methods to do it. Burning is one of the methods. However, do you know what dangers it will bring us?
Copper wire burning, which may cause fire, is a really dangerous action. Besides, to do this you need to gather them together and find special places far away from any buildings, trees or other possible obstructions, which is time and energy consuming and may not worth it. Let’s take one pound of scrap copper wire for example, number 1copper scrap is worth 2.6$, scrap insulated wire is worth 1.2$, and burned wire is $2.2… For pile of wire weighs under 100 lbs, there is no reason to burn it. Besides, burning will cause loss of weight and contamination of copper, which may do some discount to your earning. 

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Copper wire insulation contains a lot of toxic gas, which is harmful to human and no good to our environment. ‘Dioxins are known human carcinogens, and even low concentrations can cause serious health problems such as impaired immune system and liver function. Long-term exposure to lead, a hazardous waste that is released into soil when copper wire insulation is burned, can cause acute or chronic damage to the nervous system, and high doses of copper can cause liver and kidney damage.’ according to a professional.
Allance scrap copper recycling machinery provides varied copper strippers with capacity ranging from 100kg to 2000kg per day meeting your small, medium and large scale processing demands. In addition, all these machines have multiple copper inlet holes which can process wire with dia. from 1mm to 90mm. In addition to that, Alance also has copper granulators which can turn miscellaneous scrap copper into small granules. What’s worth your attention is that both of the two recycling machines are featured as high efficiency, energy-saving, easy operation and most importantly no human body harmfulness and no environment contamination. They will be your best choice.

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