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 We often hear copper wire, but there is another important wire in our daily life. That is steel strand. Do you know about it? Steel strand is twisted by a certain amount of steel wire and can add zinc coat, copper coat, epoxy coated, aluminum clad, etc.

Steel strand can be classified into prestress wire, unbounded steel wire, zinc coat steel wire,etc. The most common kinds of steel strand are zinc coat steel strand and prestress steel wire. The diameter of common steel prestess wire is between 9.53 mm-17.8 mm. According to usage, it can have metallic or nonmetallic protecting coat. After that, some are further processed by covering HDPE. These wires are called unbonded steel strand.

No matter which kind these steel strands are, they are widely used in many fields. Zinc coat steel strand is often for making messenger wire, guy wire, corn wire and also can be as earth wire for overhead power transmission, barrier cable on the road side or structure cable in building construction.

unbonded steel wire

The frequently-used prestress wire is uncoated steel strand for prestressed concrete, while some are also galvanized. It is most used in bridge, , building, water conservancy, energy project, etc. Unbonded steel strand is often used for floor and foundation project,etc.

After they are scrapped, they can also be recycled. For those steel strand without coat, recycling is of course very easy. There is also an easy way to recycle unbonded steel strand, that is using cable granulator. Usually, cable granulator can only process copper wire or aluminum wire, but special cable granulator owning powerful blade can process steel wire with plastic insulation. Allance copper cable granulator has realized this function.





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