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What Is Recycling

Recycling is processing of used resources into new products, which can be used once more. For instance, the used metal, copper, plastics, etc all can be recycled. Recycling helps us in several ways : It can conserve exhaustible resources, saves energy, protect environment , reduce landfills and create jobs. In many countries, metal scrap recycling is also added to this extensive list as the resources of metals are diminishing at an alarming rate. Recycle scrap metal composes about 8% of the total materials recycled. As to the metal recycling industry, we have to mention the copper recycling which is a prosperous and profitable industry.

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Prosperous Market Of Copper Recycling

The basic use of copper is mainly in infrastructure for example, heat exchanger, electronic products, etc. Copper can also be used with other metals such as zinc, aluminum, tin, nickel, etc. to form metal alloy. With the continuous development of  economy and improvement of people's living standards, a large number of intellectualized residential areas have arisen, people's demand of copper has been rising at an alarming rate. But on the other hand, the natural reserve of copper is decreasing day after day, so recycling the scrape copper is an essential & indispensable way to implement the policy of sustainable development. So choose to join in the copper recycling industry will give you remarkable returns.

If you want to start a business of copper recycling, I believe you must know the following benefits of copper recycling:
a. Recycling copper can reduce dependence on the exploitation of natural resources;
b. Pollution produced by copper recycling is much less than the exploitation of natural resources.
c. Copper is of good conductivity, by reasonable use, we can highly improve the efficiency and reduce consumption so as to save energy as well as reducing greenhouse emission.

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Most Common Methods Of Copper Recycling

Burning off the insulation of copper is the fastest method of recycling copper but it makes great pollution to the environment and the copper looks dirty. Stripping and granulator is another way which is more and more popular . Through it takes longer time but the recycled copper can be classified as clean copper which is worth more. The other classification for copper wire is unburned or unstripped which is worth only half of what it's worth stripped. Price: 35 cents to $1.50 a pound.

Reasonable Ways Of Making the Most Profits

Urban areas may have several scrap copper recycling centers. Businesses and individuals should shop around at all of their local centers before deciding on a certain equipment to use for recycling. Some machines may offer a higher price than others, and some facilities may accept different kinds of metal. While once you decide to invest in copper recycling industry, I strongly suggest you to buy a copper recycling machine that is specialized in recycling copper only, because these professional tools are uniquely designed and can help you improve working efficiency and get a high recycling rate. China have many manufacturers of copper recycling equipment, we Allance copper stripping machine and copper granulator have enjoyed great popularity in USA, CANNADA and other EUROPENS COUNTRIES. Besides the copper recycling machines, you should have a place to store the scrap copper.You can store scrap coppper in unused warehouse or make use of unused garage. To ensure a continuous and efficient production, you should make an abundant storage.

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