Copper Cable Granulator-600
  • Copper Cable Granulator 600
  • Copper Cable Granulator
  • Mode 600 Copper Cable Granulator
  • Copper Cable Granulator 600
  • Copper Cable Granulator
  • Mode 600 Copper Cable Granulator

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Copper Cable Granulator 600 Introduction
Allance copper cable granulator 600 is specially designed for recycling copper cable and wire scrap. This cable granulator is featured by environmental protection, cost-effectiveness and reliable performance. As an advanced method of recycling copper, Allance copper granulator is welcomed worldwide, especially in America, Europe, Canada, etc. Besides, the whole recycling process adopts intelligent management which is accurate, safe and efficient.

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 Copper Granulator Advantages
1. Eco-friendly. The whole process adopts dry processing and will collect all the dust so there is no pollution.
2. Little land occupancy. All the parts is mounted on one base it will make full use of space.
3. Accurate operation. The whole process is controlled by PLC.  Intelligent design ensures an accurate and profitable production.
4. Incredible separation rate. The test show the separation rate is approximate 99%, which is a guarantee
 of high quality and good market of copper granule processed by our machines.
5. Small final product size. After processing, the final size for copper and plastic granules would be 
around 3-5mm.
6. High quality spare parts with long service life. Blades are made of high quality steel and can be
reground. If used correctly,  service life could be quite long.
7. Voltage and frequency can be customized according to customers local situation.

Our Considerate Service

★We will install all the units well before dispatching except several parts for east transport. But it will be very to assemble them back and we will guide you there. Please be assured.
★The machine will also be adjusted to work well. We will also provide you with guidance if there are any other problems.

Copper wire granulator-600 Technical Data

1. Wire/Cable Range: 1-20mm
2. Drive: Motor
3. Power Supply: 52.36kw
4. Voltage&Frequency: default 380V/50HZ based on 3 phase power
5. Measurement: 4300*1950*2400mm
6. Weight: 3400kg
7. Processing quantity: 300-400kg/h. 

Working video

copper recycling


copper wire granulato

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